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Amla (Heikru)

Richest source of Vitamin C, vital nutrient for healthy gums and also protect you from all kind of infection.


Rice in medicinal properties, ginger candy can be best taken as mouth freshener, cold and cough reliever, digestive etc.

Mango (Heinou)

King of fruit and most prefered fruit.Candied mango can be taken as it is or with fruit salad or use in preparation of cake.

Pineapple (Kihom)

Unique flavour of pineapple is liked across the globe.It is so apealing tha you can’t resist from tasting.


One of the exotic variety of fruits from the hill district of Manipur. It is famous for its juiceness and unique in taste.

Tamarind (mange)

Nature own preserved fruit, does not required any preservative , when it is coated with sugar it becomes not only apealing but also produces an unique taste.

Wild Apple (Heitup)

Its well balance sweet and sour taste gives you such satisfaction that you will defenitely ask for more.