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Bamboo Shoot (Soibum)

Fermented Bamboo Shoot are widely consumed in South East Asian Countries. Its unique taste and flavour are always a favourite item.

Fish (Nga)

Rou is the most like fish among all. This pickle of Rou is prepared from local variety in the gravy of ginger-garlic.

Garlic (Chanam)

Garlic is beneficial to health but its sharp flavour and smell is not acceptable to all. This pickle gives goodness of Garlic with mild flavour.

Hog Plum (Heining)

Very sour fruits with lots of fiber, most suited for fruits pickles.

Instant Nagari

Rice with nutrient of fresh ngari for everday hassle-free cooking for household, hostel student, working professional etc.

King Chilli (Umorok)

King Chilli (umorok) : Chilli’s are appetizer, when it is King Chilli its unique flavour tickles your taste buds.


Extra tangy fresh lemon spiced up with our unique recipe is a delight for lemon pickle admirer.

Mango (Heinou)

Mango pickles are the most liked fruits pickle across India, prepared from local variety of mango from Manipur.

Mix Vegetable

It is a unique mix vegetable Pickle which is prepared with many exotic vegetable like lotus root, carrot, radish, cauliflower, bamboo shoot, spring onion with kachai lime.