Empowering Women


Meira Foods was established in the year 2004 in the month of January. It provides Quality food products of Manipur which not only tickle your taste buds but also enhance your immunity by adding extra vitamins to your daily diets.

Meira’s products are produced by well trained women of Manipur under the strict supervision of technical experts in the fields of fruit and vegetable processing.

Meira’s products are well accepted and trusted brand of Manipur’s packed food items. The product has been tasted across the globe and appreciated for its unique taste. Whoever have tasted our product asked for more and promoted our product by gifting to their loved ones thus becoming the promoter of our products.

Our Motto : TASTE With HEALTH

Healthy Nutritious Product with indigenous taste.

Our Vision :

Empowerment, Equality, Health and Sustainable Society.

Our Mission :

  1. Preserving, promoting indigenous food of Manipur.
  2. Imparting Skill training to educated unemployed youth on Food processing.
  3. Creating job opportunity to educated youth.

Our Objective :

  1.  Creating a model for every women to start a business at home.
  2. Manufacturing the best homemade food from the available fruits & vegetables of Manipur.
  3. Making Manipur visible in the industrial map of India.